AgMerch will launch in the new financial year with an exciting new member based and independent rural buying group that will fill the void in the current marketplace. One that provides a great opportunity for suppliers and independent rural retailers alike to once again regain control of their own destiny.

Features and Benefits

Administration efficiency

· Cost benefits in large centralised account compared to many smaller administration intensive accounts

· Creates benefits to large multinational suppliers in particular

· Mitigates debt risk for the supplier

· Reduces overheads

· Security for manufacturing, particularly for product that is imported

· Budgeting benefits by reducing the variance between budget and actual sales

· Means by which commitment and support can be obtained from independents to suppliers products beyond normal market demand driven transactions. Driving sales versus taking orders

· More ways in which suppliers can build non-transactional relationships with independent stores in a cost effective way (group)

· There are more independent stores in the Australian market than corporate stores, and suppliers need access to them in a way that is cost effective and that gains results. Buying groups are preferred by suppliers for this reason

· AgMerch strongly encourages suppliers to work with stores in local activities that are supplier funded to benefit both the suppliers sales, and the members business

· Suppliers want to participate with the growth and development of our business and we encourage same for mutual benefit

Debtor management


Business building activities like conferences, tech groups, exclusive offers, etc.

Co-ordinated approach to the important independent segment of the market

AgMerch encourages the relationship between the supplier and the retail member 

Suppliers are our partner in success


Su Foster