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AgMerch - "Members for Members"

AgMerch is a Member/Shareholder based rural buying group established to fill the void in the current corporate-dominated marketplace. AgMerch strives to provide ongoing support and increase value to our Members by providing the best buying opportunities and retaining profits within the group.

Independent rural retailers have been the backbone of the industry in Australia over the decades. Independently owned and operated, they have strong links to their communities through local knowledge, employment and operations.


AgMerch is committed to assisting independent retailers to remain independent whilst giving them some of the tools required to compete with the growing presence of corporate owned rural retail businesses.

AgMerch is majority owned by its Member Shareholders. The profits of the company benefit Member Shareholders through dividend returns on their shares, and the potential for an increase in share value through retained profits of the business. At its heart, the company’s philosophy is "Members for Members", with a focus on unity, commitment and alignment.

AgMerch has built strong and sustainable relationships with suppliers for the benefit of its Members. We facilitate knowledge building, Member information development and exchange, and strength of numbers.

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Dave Schelling

Managing Director

0400 228 337

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