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The virtue of being independent

Being part of an independent rural buying group means being in control of your own destiny. Your business decisions and hard work should benefit your own business. You should not be penalised by paying ongoing annual fees as a percentage of turnover for the business that you have grown. AgMerch encourages you to own a proportionate share of the distribution business by way of shareholding so you as a member and investor get your just return. 


As an investor:

  • Every member is a shareholder

  • Members are encouraged to hold shares relative to their contribution to the group

  • Profits are returned to the member by way of franked dividends

  • As the group grows, so too does the share value and the dividend return

As a member:

  • Low ongoing cost. Only an annual membership fee to pay. No fees that grow as the business grows

  • Huge supplier base across many product categories to work with on a centralised account



Mark Beard

Network Development Manager

0428 291 806